środa, 25 marca 2009

Stary Sacz zimowo

kapliczka St. Rocha i park zabaw niedaleko od fary Sw. Elzbiety.

St. Rocha's shrine and the playground near St. Elizabeth's church in a snowy March attire.

środa, 18 marca 2009


Dzien jak co dzien
Dzien po dniu....

i love my passions...

niedziela, 15 marca 2009

being in life

" I wake up, but where? I do not just think this, I actually voice the question to myself:
Where am I? As if I did not know. I am here. In my life. A feature of the world that is my existence. Not that I particularly recall ever having approved these matters, this condition, this state of affairs in which I feature....."
Source: H. Murakami " Dance, dance ,dance" Vintage books, London ( 2003).

If I strain my ears I can hear the love within me to the exclusive one man < ( ...)>

Being in life - a poem by myself

Being in life is a careful way
of judging one's thoughts each night
and every single day,
these are all these daily thoughts in me-
So vivid of the past, so hopeful for tomorrow.
Irreplaceable and imminent
once and for all...
Life in me, life inside my mind and life inside my body
two harmonious BEFORE ZERO of entrance and the exit,
where am I heading now?
Is it an Ultravox " DANCING with tears in my eyes "?
Yes, surely as my life is such a dance like in Murakami's prose
but with my own personal spice adding to the flavour of everpresent love and my secret existence.
Being in life- how lovely,
lovely eyes - I am happy enough to have them.
Blessing them now being in life.

Copyright© mirellium 2009

wtorek, 10 marca 2009

just the beauty of flora on my doorstep

the beauty of flora ....
the spring offers a lot in our garden...
I love it so much..