niedziela, 28 grudnia 2008

WE LIVE IN A BEAUTIFUL WORLD as of " Coldplay" and of mine ....

'Do not panic' by Coldplay...


bones sinking like stones

all that we fought for

homes, places we�ve grown

all of us are done for.

and we live in a beautiful world,

yeah we do yeah we do.

we live in a beautiful world.

bones sinking like stones

all that we fought for

homes, places we�ve grown

all of us are done for.

but we live in a beautiful world,

yeah we do yeah we do.

we live in a beautiful world.

oh all that I know,

there�s nothing here to run from

�cos yeah, everybody here�s

got somebody to lean on

wtorek, 23 grudnia 2008

trees @ home...


trees @home...

sobota, 20 grudnia 2008

some kind of mutual understanding....

" But your problems are not going to continue for the rest of your life, I said, touching her back. They will end eventually. And when they do, we will stop and think about how to go on from there. Maybe you will have to help me. We are not running our lives according to some account book. If you need me, use me. Do not you see? Why do you have to be so rigid?Relax, let down your guard. You are all tensed up so you always expect the worst. Relax your body, and the rest of you will lighten up."
" That is something the two of you will have to decide for yourselves. ....Whatever happened, the two of you can turn it in the right direction- if you can reach some kind of mutual understanding...So there is no problem. Stay in our place and we can have some nice, long talks. That would be the best thing. Then we can really understand each other. And I can play the guitar for you. I am pretty good, you know...."

source: Haruki Murakami, " Norwegian wood" , Vintage books, London ( 2000).

everlasting wishes

" One wish is for you to realize how grateful I am that you came to see me here.
I hope you will understand how happy you have made me. I know it is going to save me
if anything will. I may not show it, but it is true.
- I will come to see you again. - I said. And what is the other wish?
- I want you always to remember me. Will you remember that I existed, and that I stood next to you here like this?
- Always- I said. I will always remember.
...Do you really promise never to forget me? she asked in a near whisper.
- I will never forget you- I said- I could never forget you."

source: Haruki Murakami: " Norwegian wood",Vintage books, London ( 2000).

środa, 17 grudnia 2008

smiling and contemplating and multi-tasking behaviour

just feeling at ease, learning to feel more relaxed but remaining contemplating from time to time...

setting: an English town in the north of England....

BY THE WAYS: I love red wine ....
Me gusta mucho vino tinto...

Spa dr Irena Eris- spotkanie przed Xmas- MY ENGLISH LG STUDENTS

zdjecie przedswiateczne z moimi studentkami w Spa dr Irena Eris w Krynicy Gorskiej....

Xmas meeting with my English students from Skin Care Institute
Spa dr Irena Eris in Krynica Gorska

w rolach glownych: Marzena L, Oksana P, Malgorzata S,
Natalia Sch, Iwona K, Elzbieta C....


sobota, 13 grudnia 2008

Japanese AMAE

" Cale prawdziwe zycie to spotkanie"- Buber

Being caught in the Japanese orbit of AMAE, that is to say, feeling the same what the other person is feeling, a continuation of EMPATHY...

he meeting is the whole thruthful life" - Buber

czwartek, 11 grudnia 2008

swimming- la natacion

" As had happened last time, I was unable to achieve the mental concentration I wanted.
All kinds of thoughts came crowding in, blocking the way. To get rid of them, I tried thinking about the pool-the twenty-five- metre indoor pool where I went for exercise. I imagined myself doing laps of crawl there. I am not aiming for speed, just using a quiet, steady stroke, over and over again. I bring my elbows out with a minimum of noise and splashing, then stroke gently, fingers first. I take water into my mouth and let it out slowly, as if breathing underwater. After a while, I feel my body flowing naturally through the water, as if riding on a soft wind. The only sound reaching my ears is that of my own regular breathing. I'm floating on the wind like a bird in the sky, looking down at the earth below. I see distant towns and tiny people and flowing rivers.
A sense of calm envelops me, a feeling close to rapture.
Swimming is one of the best things in my life. It has never solved any problems, but it has done no harm, and nothing has ever ruined it for me. Swimming."

I found the same type of feeling whilst swimming myself thus this quotation here;-)

Source: Haruki Murakami " The Wind-up bird chronicle", Vintage books, London ( 2003).

środa, 10 grudnia 2008

English & Spa & luxury close to the nature....

My super pupils of English language - the employees of Spa dr Irena Eris- Skin Care Institute
In the pictures starring:

a new Spa dr Irena Eris in Krynica Gorska

..... a plywanie to to co lubie najbardziej, nawet z kolem ratunkowym i w ubraniu ;-)

niedziela, 7 grudnia 2008

About NonSuch Palace....for wonderful R.J.

This poem is dedicated to R. J.

About NonSuch Palace...

It helps me to think about positive moments together,
I recall them in my memory with vividness
being full of love and trust. You are so wonderfully cheerful and fun to be with!

Not seeing you, you take my hand and we are running through Nonsuch Park, near Nonsuch Palace.
Is  there the Nonsuch Palace existing any more?
Does it have a solid foundation?

Where are the people from the past ?
The ones that are not around me at present
and I am not unaware of their absence?

I still believe they are around me and that
we are together...
I am smiling now with my deep change of focus..
The true love lasts forever....


copyrights by : mirellium, 7th December 2008

piątek, 5 grudnia 2008

fate as a fatal disease...

" Fate itself was the doctor's own fatal disease. From his youngest days, he had had a lucid awareness that " I, as an individual, am living under the control of some outside force." This may have been owing to the vivid blue mark on his right cheek. When a child, he had hated this mark, this imprint that only he, and no one else, had to bear upon his flesh. He wanted to die whenever the other children taunted him or strangers stared at him. If only he could have cut away that part of his body with a knife! But as he matured, he came to a quiet acceptance of the mark on his face that would never go away. And this may have been a factor that helped form his attitude of resignation in all matters having to do with fate."

Source: Haruki Murakami " The Wind-up Bird Chronicle", Vintage Books, London.f