sobota, 25 sierpnia 2018

Are you ready for BACK TO SCHOOL? Some vital expressions explained;-)

Niektóre ważne wyrażenia z cyklu POWRÓT DO SZKOŁY:

As easy as ABC

Meaning: very easy. = BARDZO ŁATWE
For example:
My geography exam was as easy as ABC. I think I got an A!


Meaning: someone who reads a lot.= MÓL KSIĄŻKOWY
For example:
My sister reads a book a week. She’s such a bookworm!


Meaning: to think of new ideas.= BURZA MÓZGÓW
For example:
We’re going to brainstorm ideas for our project this afternoon.

Call the roll

Meaning: to call the names of students to see if they are present.= SPRAWDZANIE OBECNOŚCI
For example:
My teacher always calls the roll at the beginning of the class.

Cut class

Meaning: to not go to class.=OPUSZCZAĆ ZAJĘCIA
For example:
cut class this morning to go to the cinema.

Flunk out

Meaning: to fail a class or course and leave school.= ZOSTAĆ WYLANYM ZE SZKOŁY
For example:
Johnny flunked out of high school.

Hit the books

Meaning: to begin to study hard.= ZACZĄĆ UCZYĆ SIĘ SOLIDNIE
For example:
I need to hit the books tonight if I want to pass my Spanish exam.
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