środa, 30 grudnia 2009

29.12 w Krakowie

Teatr Słowackiego Galeria Krakowska =świątecznie

miłe spotkanie na Kazimierzu ....

Domki piernikowe w Galerii krakowkiej - mozna jesc;-)


Szopka Bernardynów pod Wawelem- zdjęcie wykonała Jola H.

sobota, 12 grudnia 2009

Chartwell in Kent- in 2004

Chartwell in Kent, England
Siedziba Winstona Churchilla
- niezapomniane chwile z P i R i D...
I like the place because of its atmosphere of the great importance of the war era and the post-war period associated with the PM. Also the paintings by him and a gold-fish pond with all the green rhododendrons are splendid! Thanks to P and R and D for the opportunity to be there.

niedziela, 8 listopada 2009

About the living.......

" Living is like going up a mountain; every time you go a little higher up, the view looks completely different...."

Doris Lessing " The good terrorist" Harper Perennial,2007.

środa, 30 września 2009

One unnoticeable story of the existence - a poem by myself

One unnoticeable story of the existence

Unnoticeably vanished
into the air,
as a leaf carried by the wind,
and as a neglected tends to perish,
so unknowingly it had happened.

The story begins in the mind,
touches the heart,
goes through the body,
reaches the very legs and hands,
from the top to the bottom
covers every single human cell
and dies out unnoticeably
without any reason.

Unnoticeably and unknowingly
like Icarus we vanish in Bruegel's painting,
leaving behind the importance of saved memories
in our hearts,
we live in our past, our presence is here and now,
and the future is still to come.

copyright ©mirellium, 30.09.09

piątek, 25 września 2009

Books flowed in and out of the house in tides.....

" As a child they had teased her. Alice has a block against books. She was a late reader, not something to be overlooked in that bookish house. Her parents, particularly her mother, all the visitors, everyone she ever met, had read everything. They never stopped reading. Books flowed in and out of the house in tides. They breed on the shelves, her parents, and then her brother, happily joked. But Alice was cherishing her block. It was a world she could choose not to enter. One might politely refuse. She persisted, polite but firm, secretely tasting the power she possessed to disquiet her parents. ....I am only interested in facts.... a minimum number of books was to be read."

Doris Lessing " The good terrorist" Harper Perennial (2007)

czwartek, 17 września 2009

Bez wewnetrznej przemiany.....a poem by myself

Bez wewnętrznej przemiany.....

Czuje uciekające dni
jak przez palce,
umyka mi czas
wraz z nim te chwile
szczęśliwości ukryte gdzieś
tak głęboko we mnie,
że aż niedostępne dla mnie
i innych też..

Nieubłagalny proces starzenia sie,
nieubłagalny proces umierania.
Nieodłączny od nas proces rodzenia.
Zamknięte kola czasu,
zamknięty krag wyobrazni.
Mija czas, odplywaja godziny
jak Slońce zachodzi i wschodzi,
zachodzę i wschodzę ja,
dzień po dniu odradzam sie,
ku nowemu brzasku dnia.
kwitnę z innymi
ale i samotnie tez.

Nieodzownie pozostaję sobą bez
wewnętrznej przemiany
doceniam siebie
i kocham siebie,
budzę się do życia
każdego dnia.

Autor: mirellium, copyright© mirellium, 17.09.09

wtorek, 15 września 2009

citas by N.S.

There are people in the world who are not good and there are people who are good. If you are strong and good you will win.

niedziela, 13 września 2009


when the water intersects within the city's life....
....being caught in DLR ;-)

happy times @ Greenwich, London

Greenwich pier

Queen's Ann house

Mr Infinite and the boat....in the world of fascination;-)

the view from the top of Greenwich Park - to the left the Millenium Dome......

sobota, 15 sierpnia 2009

Again the mountains...lovely Polish mountains!

Jaworki, niedaleko od Szczawnicy...Cel: Schronisko pod Durbaszka-
MALE PIENINY- 850m n.p.m.

baranki sa sliczne;-)
zapachy od nich mniej;-(

niedziela, 9 sierpnia 2009

Ela K. z mezem Mariuszem

z wojazami w Grecji i nie tylko.....
Ela pewno doda gdzie byla z mezem w komentarzach( na to licze...)

sobota, 8 sierpnia 2009


borowki, motyle i brudne rece....
i wszystko w stogu siana;-)

wtorek, 28 lipca 2009

like a needle piercing straight through my ego

" Her photographs strip poetry bare...
Here we are choosing our words,
braiding strands to cut a figure.
But with her photos it is immediate,
the embodiment.
Out of thin air, out of light,
in the gap between the moments,
she graps things just like that.
She gives physical presence
to the depths of human psyche."

Source: Haruki Murakami " Dance, dance, dance" , Vintage books , London (2002).

poniedziałek, 13 lipca 2009

środa, 1 lipca 2009

Sth that owns us....

' I believe that nothing happens by chance. Deep down, things have their own secret plan, even tough we do not understand it.(.)..It is a part of sth we cannot comprehend, something that owns us.'

Carlos Ruiz Zafon ' The shadow of the wind' , Phoenix 2001

piątek, 19 czerwca 2009

a close encounter with ....

bugs and flora in one...
Pictures taken by Paulinka G.... z Dabrowy Gorniczej

sobota, 13 czerwca 2009

the power of interior elements

The power of interior elements.

Sometimes my heart is made of ice,
sometimes is made of fire,
and when I take all these interior parts together,
I cannot grasp the power,
out of my inner drives,
the powers of these elements
become the most desired.

copyright ©mirellium, 13.06.09

sobota, 6 czerwca 2009

A- posteriori generation- a poem by myself

A posteriori generation

Through my body,
and through " my body's pain",
through my mind,
and through " my mind's rest",
there are streaming small bits and pieces of my subconsciousness.
I must be day- dreaming.

Three different sorts of emotions
have overcome me,
leaving you here to quess them, just three of them,
reaching the amygdala
and bursting inside it with a full impact.
As humans we are emotionally- embedded creatures,
fortunately or unfortunately to some of us.

Taking the powerful string of self outside,
not bringing the chaos to the existence,
we preserve ourselves as best as we can
to the a - posteriori generation.

copyright© mirellium - Mirella Gurgul - 07.06.2009

krakowskie rendezvous...

Me encanta salir con mis amigos. Los hemos pasado fenomenal.
sloneczne krakowskie piatkowe popoludnie przyciagnelo wielu turystow na Rynek Glowny ale nam udalo sie wymknac na male co nie co do Galerii Krakowskiej i salatkowego raju Chimery...
starring in Krakow: Daniella, Natalia, Grzegorz, Marcin i Mariusz.

Chimerowe " salatkowania"

komu Tribecca a komu Slodki Wentzl?
moj - i- to lub mojito icecream- our recommendation

czwartek, 4 czerwca 2009

Martyna z coreczka Ada

Martynix z nowonarodzona coreczka Ada....Cudownie!

poniedziałek, 25 maja 2009

some citations of mine

A decipherable thought has just occured
inside my mind
that the life takes the way for us
as we please it to be
for ourselves sometimes.
I am still a great believer in the effort
being done on our part
in an attempt to lead
a respectful existence.

niedziela, 24 maja 2009

bits of tranqulity at home

if I were to choose the colour of the tranqulity it would undoubtedly be