wtorek, 28 lipca 2009

like a needle piercing straight through my ego

" Her photographs strip poetry bare...
Here we are choosing our words,
braiding strands to cut a figure.
But with her photos it is immediate,
the embodiment.
Out of thin air, out of light,
in the gap between the moments,
she graps things just like that.
She gives physical presence
to the depths of human psyche."

Source: Haruki Murakami " Dance, dance, dance" , Vintage books , London (2002).

poniedziałek, 13 lipca 2009

środa, 1 lipca 2009

Sth that owns us....

' I believe that nothing happens by chance. Deep down, things have their own secret plan, even tough we do not understand it.(.)..It is a part of sth we cannot comprehend, something that owns us.'

Carlos Ruiz Zafon ' The shadow of the wind' , Phoenix 2001