sobota, 6 czerwca 2009

A- posteriori generation- a poem by myself

A posteriori generation

Through my body,
and through " my body's pain",
through my mind,
and through " my mind's rest",
there are streaming small bits and pieces of my subconsciousness.
I must be day- dreaming.

Three different sorts of emotions
have overcome me,
leaving you here to quess them, just three of them,
reaching the amygdala
and bursting inside it with a full impact.
As humans we are emotionally- embedded creatures,
fortunately or unfortunately to some of us.

Taking the powerful string of self outside,
not bringing the chaos to the existence,
we preserve ourselves as best as we can
to the a - posteriori generation.

copyright© mirellium - Mirella Gurgul - 07.06.2009

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