wtorek, 11 czerwca 2019

CONSIDERATION- nie związane z rozważaniem ale ze świadczeniem umownym

Consideration= świadczenie umowne w prawie umów ( CONTRACT LAW)

" A consideration in its widest sense is the reason, motive, or inducement, by which a man is moved to bind himself by an agreement. It is not for nothing that he consents to impose an obligation upon himself, or to abandon or transfer a right. It is in consideration of such and such a fact that he agrees to bear new burdens or to forgo the benefits which the law already allows him." John Salmond, "Jurisprudence 359 ( Glanville  L.Williams ed.,10th ed. 1947

Source: Bryan A. Garner, Editor in Chief,
" Black's Law Dictionary" , Tenth edition, Thomas Reuters, 2014

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