czwartek, 29 maja 2008

As that pin .... Eng. version

As that pin...

Radiant, I am pinning myself in the heaven...
as a pin I am sharp too.

I am a cutting wound as well
not wiped out for years,
so as to look directly into the eyes
of those I have loved for years

And they got lost in themselves
forgetting about others.

There is not time for sighing
When we enter the world with a rush
The world of worries and unbuttoned
Whilst running we got caught by the
as leaves we fell down tired
to our earthly beds
Filled with delectable corners of our

Let the world rouse us out forever,
for us to exist eternally
for ourselves and others.

In the sense of fulfillment and self-realization,
opening the eyes with a smile,
and look closely
at the changing world,
not losing ourselves that strongly,
as it is not worthy.

29 May 2008

copyright© mirellium

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