środa, 23 lipca 2008

ORANGE - poem by myself

The orange.

In the OVAL of a fruit,
I find the magic of shapes.

In the GLARE of sunshine rays
on it,
unprecedented play of light and shadow.

In the TACTILE sense,
sweet forgetting
of senses.

In the COLOUR,
the livelihood of myself
and the substance,
specific distinction
from the " greeness" of grass
and the " blueness" of the sky.

In the TASTE ,
the feeling of sweetness and delight
of life.

In the SKIN, a soft texture
and the sign of
transitoriness when dries.

In the SIZE,
the usefulness of small for eating,
and throwing it away
like a ball far yonder,
for the end to become the beginning
upon finding.

I have decided - I will set up an orange house.

copyright ©mirellium July 2008

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