środa, 15 października 2008

Race of life- a poem by myself- part 2 -revisited and revised- a correct version now

Race of life as revisited and revised from the original version - 18May 2007- is dedicated to my mentor - JPII on the 30th anniversary of his papacy and my birth year.

Race of life
is unbelievably surprising
every day one finds something
exceptional and unprecedented
to oneself.

Race of life is searching for
the unknown and infeasible
being caught in one's dreams and intermingled
one cannot feel lost at all, but discovers
the truth of the eternity within and rejoices in God.

Race of life may be unbearable only for those
who are not aware of the eternal truths.

Race of life is inconsistently fast but meaningful,
not stupid.
One can feel only happy always.

Race of life is quick but eternal.
Race of life is one moment in time
but this everlasting time.

Race of life is birth and death
and all what is and comes after.
One cannot doubt in it at all.

Race of life is like a circle,
the miracle of God's creation in you.

Race of life is to find something in-between
which makes us eternal from the beginning to the end.

Don't hesitate to look beyond in your endless life
as your life has no borders.

Copyright©Mirella Gurgul-16.10.2008

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