piątek, 25 września 2009

Books flowed in and out of the house in tides.....

" As a child they had teased her. Alice has a block against books. She was a late reader, not something to be overlooked in that bookish house. Her parents, particularly her mother, all the visitors, everyone she ever met, had read everything. They never stopped reading. Books flowed in and out of the house in tides. They breed on the shelves, her parents, and then her brother, happily joked. But Alice was cherishing her block. It was a world she could choose not to enter. One might politely refuse. She persisted, polite but firm, secretely tasting the power she possessed to disquiet her parents. ....I am only interested in facts.... a minimum number of books was to be read."

Doris Lessing " The good terrorist" Harper Perennial (2007)

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