wtorek, 19 września 2017

TEXTING- czyli sms-owe angielskie pisanie

wysyłanie sms-ang. texting
sms= ang.text


2day= today
2NITE= tonight
ASAP= as soon as possible
ATB= all the best
B4= before
B4N= bye for now
BBL= be back later
BTW= by the way
CUL8R= see you later
F2F= face to face
FWIW= for what it's worth
FYI= for your information
HAND= have a nice day
ILU=I love you
IMHO= in my humble opinion
KIT= keep in touch
LOL= lots of love, luck, laughing out loud
MSG= message
MYOB= mind your own business
N01= no one
PCM= please call me
PLS= please
SOM1= someone
SPK= speak
THX= thanks
WAN2=want to
X= kiss
XOXO=hugs and kisses
YR= your, you're

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