wtorek, 17 października 2017

Fun with idioms!IDIOMY w j.ang

IDIOM - to wyrażenie właściwe tylko danemu językowi, niedające się dosłownie przetłumaczyć na inny język.

HE IS THE BIG CHEESE- someone who has an important or powerful position in an organization

IT IS A PIECE OF CAKE- used to say that something is very easy

HE IS A REAL COUCH POTATO- someone who spends a lot of time sitting and doing things that do not use much mental or physical energy

IT IS NO USE CRYING OVER SPILLED MILK!- used to say that you should not worry about something bad that has already happened

HE HAD EGG ON HIS FACE- to be embarrassed or seem stupid because of something that you said or did

SHE IS A TOUGH COOKIE- used about someone who is intelligent, confident, and determined to succeed

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