czwartek, 10 stycznia 2008


if you find yourself in Sheffield and you seek for a lovely place to
stay NETHER EDGE is the one you are after.....

you can find here small shops with minute things to your liking
( from vegs to old books) and an old bike just at the crossing
may remind you that biking is not a forgotten pastime!

A place with a heart and it brings my good memories,
22 is the key number not only of the bus ( the exact
solution to the riddle is hidden in the episodic memory).....

Last but not least, I cannot forget about one more thing:
if you happen to be in London, Nether Edge in Sheffield
is just similar to NOTTING HILL, for me at least......
or for H.Grant- the second.

Best regards to the dwellers of NE whom I had had
the pleasure to know......- that gentelman who is the
owner of the bike in the picture may not know me
but I like the SVI of the business he runs...and this SVI
is just in front of your eyes. You can guess yourself
what the SVI is all about???????Firstly, PR specialists
will try to decipher the SVI abbreviation before
getting down to further investigation...good luck!

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