sobota, 20 grudnia 2008

some kind of mutual understanding....

" But your problems are not going to continue for the rest of your life, I said, touching her back. They will end eventually. And when they do, we will stop and think about how to go on from there. Maybe you will have to help me. We are not running our lives according to some account book. If you need me, use me. Do not you see? Why do you have to be so rigid?Relax, let down your guard. You are all tensed up so you always expect the worst. Relax your body, and the rest of you will lighten up."
" That is something the two of you will have to decide for yourselves. ....Whatever happened, the two of you can turn it in the right direction- if you can reach some kind of mutual understanding...So there is no problem. Stay in our place and we can have some nice, long talks. That would be the best thing. Then we can really understand each other. And I can play the guitar for you. I am pretty good, you know...."

source: Haruki Murakami, " Norwegian wood" , Vintage books, London ( 2000).

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