czwartek, 11 grudnia 2008

swimming- la natacion

" As had happened last time, I was unable to achieve the mental concentration I wanted.
All kinds of thoughts came crowding in, blocking the way. To get rid of them, I tried thinking about the pool-the twenty-five- metre indoor pool where I went for exercise. I imagined myself doing laps of crawl there. I am not aiming for speed, just using a quiet, steady stroke, over and over again. I bring my elbows out with a minimum of noise and splashing, then stroke gently, fingers first. I take water into my mouth and let it out slowly, as if breathing underwater. After a while, I feel my body flowing naturally through the water, as if riding on a soft wind. The only sound reaching my ears is that of my own regular breathing. I'm floating on the wind like a bird in the sky, looking down at the earth below. I see distant towns and tiny people and flowing rivers.
A sense of calm envelops me, a feeling close to rapture.
Swimming is one of the best things in my life. It has never solved any problems, but it has done no harm, and nothing has ever ruined it for me. Swimming."

I found the same type of feeling whilst swimming myself thus this quotation here;-)

Source: Haruki Murakami " The Wind-up bird chronicle", Vintage books, London ( 2003).

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